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[Trailer] 玉蒲團 (Sex And Zen) - HD Version

  • Sex And Zen玉蒲團 (1991)
    導演: 麥當傑
    領銜主演: 葉子楣, 鄭則士, 吳啟華
    某天,風流才子未央生(吳啟華 飾)與布袋和尚辯論,布認為姦淫必有報應,生認為未必。後來生娶妻玉香(葉子楣 飾),並教授男女之事;自始出身於書香世家的香對房事日漸著迷。不久,生借名遊學外出獵艷,其中包括布販權老實(徐錦江 飾)之妻子。權為報復,藉機到生家與香發生關係,結果香珠胎暗結,並欲與權私奔,卻被權賣往妓院。
    Director: Michael Mak
    Starring: Amy Yip, Ken Cheng, Lawrence Ng
    Sex and Zen raised the bar on Chinese soft porn when it was released. An erotic comedy about sexual dalliances and their retribution, based on an ancient Chinese literary classic – The Carnal Prayer Mat.
    Directed by Michael Mak, it is a cautionary tale about a man (Lawrence Ng) who marries a beautiful young woman (Amy Yip) but after a sexually unfulfilling wedding night, decides to set out on an odyssey to conquer as many women as possible. His pursuit for the ultimate erotic pleasure, leads him down the path of decadence, while his hapless bride is forced to work as a prostitute in a brothel. After a series of carnal adventures, with often unusual and hilarious results, the couple is reunited, but not before a sad lesson is inflicted.
    Funny and outrageous, with lots of eroticism, the movie has become a cult hit worldwide, with its lavish sex and imaginative sex scenes.
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